The Concert of the ‘Derani‘ Tamburitza Orchestra

The traditional manifestation ‘Winter Days of Culture, Gastronomy and Old Crafts’ gathers us for more than a decade and inspires with the stories about gastronomy of the flatland of Vojvodina and Rumenka, known as ‘small Vojvodina’. ‘Derani’, tamburitza orchestra from Rumenka which became a synonym for the music of the flatlands of Vojvodina, which traditionally accompanies the gastronomic party, will represent themselves with their authentic music.

You can see the concert on the official Facebook page of the Rumenka Cultural Station on Thursday, 25 February at 5 p.m.

‘Derani’ is a music band with five fans of their homeland and music it preserves. We are sure that the bend will enchant you and enable you to dive into the magic of ancient times and flatlands, when people celebrated good food, good company and love as an eternal inspiration.

The ‘Derani’ tamburitza orchestra and ‘Kranjac’ café, where they usually perform, are some of the most famous characteristics of Rumenka and which make this place famous even outside the borders of Serbia. Therefore, we present their concert in accordance with the pandemic situation, in a digital form and we hope that the further manifestations will be held in a traditional, festival spirit of togetherness.