The cult local film ‘Hey Babu Riba’ will be shown during the film night that will be organised in the main hall of the Rumenka Cultural Station on Saturday, 28 November. The film screening starts at 6 p.m.

‘Hey Babu Riba’ is a Yugoslav film directed and written by Jovan Aćin in 1985. It has been partially inspired by the Hollywood musical that became popular when it was shown in Yugoslavia during 50s, i.e., when the film was set.

Protagonists are four young men from Belgrade that have love for western culture and the way of life, as well as love towards their beautiful girlfriend. The plot of a film depicts how their carefree youth and dreams encounter with the reality presented by the rigid communist system.

‘Hey Babu Riba’ attracted great attention since the representatives of the Yugoslav communist ideology are presented in the film as bad guys, while the representatives of the pre-war bourgeoisie and emigrants who are hostile towards the regime, arose sympathy. This is why the ‘Hey Babu Riba’ is often called the first open anti-communist film on the territory of Yugoslavia.

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