Šmiranti Entertained the Audience with the ‘Boing-Boing’ play in Rumenka CS

The ‘Boing-Boing’ comedy by the ‘Šmiranti’ Novi Sad theatre announced diverse theatre programme in Rumenka Cultural Station in autumn.

What happens when a man hooks up with three girls and wants to demonstrate it to his childhood friend in practice…? Anything could happen, especially if all the three girls meet unexpectedly at the same place and time. ‘Boing-Boing’ is a well-known comedy by Marc Camoletti, which achieved great success in the country and worldwide.

The ‘Boing-Boing’ play was supported by the City Administration for Culture. Actors: Marko Nikolić, Miloš Malešević, Jelena Đaković, Nikolina Popržen, Elena Prnjić and Dušan Zubnar. Directed by: Boško Petrov.


Foto: Uroš Dožić