From Heaven to Life Without Her

The Rumenka Cultural Station invites you to the ‘From Heaven to Life Without Her’ theatre play and promotion of ‘The Wonderful World of Dunđerski Family’ book by Zoran Subotički, on 28 April at 6 p.m.

‘The Wonderful World of Dunđerski Family’ book, whose promotion will be an introduction to the play, is envisaged as the project with the aim to introduce the greatness and importance of Dunđerski family and all important figures they knew to the wider public. Zoran Subotički revived a memory of a truly great, powerful and significant family as Dunđerski family was.

The work consists of drama texts: ‘From Heaven to Life Without Her’, ‘Testament by Bogdan Dunđerski’ monodrama, ‘Bogdan’s Mara’ drama, and ‘Lazar the Great, Dunđerski’ monodrama.

After the book promotion, ‘From Heaven to Life Without Her’ the theatre play will be held. It is about love between Laza Kostić, the most famous poet of Serbian romanticism, and Lenka Dunđerski, a daughter of Lazar Dunđerski, one of the most powerful Serbs of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.