Weekend in Rumenka in the Sign of Fairy Tale

The second international children’s festival ‘Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?’ was held in the Rumenka Cultural Station  on 22 and 23 October.

On the first day of the festival, the audience enjoyed the sounds of Petra Spasojevic’s piano and the performance of the children’s choir and dance studio of the Rumenka CS, while on the second day the Novi Sad Wind Quintet, the ‘Maximus Art’ theatre, and the Russian ‘Dar’ Theatre performed. Furthermore, the visitors could see the exhibition of tapestries by ‘Atelje 61’ and the musical performance of Aleksandar Kovačić.

This year’s concept of the festival, which focuses on fairy tales, interpreted through music and theatre, was implemented with the aim of bringing our tradition closer and reminding us of the famous archetypal story of the eternal victory of good over evil. The artists, emphasizing through their performance the universal values ​​that fairy tales preserve, pointed out to the audience the importance of optimism and the need to believe in something magical.

Photo: Jan Madacki, Branko Lučić