The Puppet Riot

A little girl Maja spends a lot of time playing mobile games. She does not listen to her mother, she neither does her homework, nor cleans her room. Her cuddly friends are watching her misbehave and suffer themselves. Therefore, they decide to run away from her. What will happen in this contemporary, instructive play when Maja realises the toys are right and she is wrong?

‘The Pupper Riot’ play for children by the Teatrilo theatre is intended for everyone, and all interested will have a chance to see it on Saturday, 13 February, from 5 p.m. at the official Facebook page of the Rumenka Cultural Station.

You will have a chance to watch the play until Sunday, 14 February, until 8 p.m.

Performers: Tatjana Valjevac and Ružica Bojović
Scenography: Aleksandra Kuđeljić
Puppets: Roko Radovniković
Costumes: Teatrilo
Dramatisation and directing: Ružica Bojović